Benefits of Active Sitting

The Benefits of Active Sitting

December 5, 2022

An age-old question the world keeps asking itself is how do we stay young for longer? This can be easily answered.  Stay active!  As we become adults our lives become slower, and we sit for the majority of our day.  Sitting for too long can lead to a variety of different health issues.  It is important to get moving and stay moving throughout the day. Active sitting can help increase exercise without decreasing work time.  It is advised by the Department of Health and Human Services to do some form of physical activity for 30 minutes every day. This can help decrease the chance of any cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and pain in daily functions.  Who doesn’t want to feel younger? Just 30 minutes of exercise a day has the potential to change our length of life and it can all start with active sitting!


Active sitting can be a perfect way to exercise while working or watching TV.  Exercising can help with decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol) out of the blood system and creating more HDL (good cholesterol) to circulate throughout the body.  Higher HDL means less chance of a stroke, a heart attack, or just feeling sluggish.  It also reduces blood pooling in your lower limbs, which can cause Peripheral Artery Disease, a disorder that causes extreme pain in the legs and makes it harder to move. 


What is active sitting? 

It’s when you are working at your desk or watching a show on TV and continue to move while sitting.  Active sitting can be done on a variety of different chairs and exercise tools.  We’ve created a line of comfortable under-desk ellipticals that are perfect to get moving while sitting, allowing you to pedal exercise while focusing on something else.  You simply put the seated elliptical in front of your favorite seat  and focus on your daily tasks while actively sitting.  It is the perfect two in one!  To help get you started, there are exercise cards and DVDs on our website and even free on-demand Cubii workout classes available within the Cubii mobile app.


Active sitting can lead to a decrease in being sedentary.  While exercising under your desk or on the couch, you can easily hit the 30 minutes a day movement goal.  This will help decrease risk of disease and motivate you to become more active while you finish work or watch a show.  Exercise is shown to improve mood and decrease stress.  Improved mood and lower stress happen due to elevated heart rate while exercising.  When you have stopped exercising your heart rate will go down, calming your body and letting it relax from the stress of life.  This bout of exercise helps to calm and refocus your mind thus, improving your mood.  Exercise is important for a variety of factors.  It does not matter how you get your body moving, all that matters is that you continue to exercise daily. The Cubii under-desk elliptical is the perfect place to start!



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