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Cubii Bundles

Shop Cubii website exclusive product bundles and savings for more of what you need to start or elevate your journey to wellness!
Bundles to meet your goals
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  1. Limited-Edition New Year Cubii JR2
    Make 2022 the year that you renew your true self! For more than a year's worth of wellness, shop our Limited-Edition New Year Cubii JR2 with a silver ring and matching floor mat to help burn calories, boost energy, move more, and feel better.
  2. Cubii JR2 Smart Start Bundle
    Get a Cubii JR2 seated compact elliptical to help you burn calories and boost energy, learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals, and try these 12 total-body workouts taught by Dr. Kristan Fish with our Cubii JR2 Smart Start Bundle.
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  3. Getting Started Cubii Pro Bundle
    Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part! Choose this bundle to get the tools and education you need to get fit while you sit™ and achieve your health and wellness goals.
  4. Set Your Space Cubii JR2 Bundle
    Get everything you need to set up your workout space with this Cubii JR2 bundle! Each under-desk elliptical bundle includes a Green or Aqua Cubii JR2, Cushii Lumbar Cushion, upgraded Aqua Grippii Floor Mat, and Deluxe Foot Straps.
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