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Cubii Bundles

Shop Cubii website exclusive product bundles and savings for more of what you need to start or elevate your journey to wellness!
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  1. Getting Started JR2+ Bundle
    Get started on the right track! This bundle gives you the best tools to jumpstart your wellness journey by providing you with our newest compact seated elliptical, helping you set S.M.A.R.T. goals, and offering 23 guided exercises.
  2. Rehab & Recovery Go Bundle
    Rehab your lower-body muscles and recover mobility and independence you’ve lost! This bundle is designed to help you strengthen your leg and core muscles while offering proper posture and back support to help you feel your best while you exercise.
  3. Strength Building JR2+ Bundle
    Build strength in your upper body, lower body, and obliques! Pedal on Cubii JR2+ to activate 6 major muscle groups in your legs and core while using the Dumbbell Class Pack for a guided upper-body warmup and exercise.
  4. Ultimate Accessory Bundle
    The ultimate addition to your Cubii elliptical! This bundle includes a Workout Mat, Smart Start Training Series DVD, Squishii Grip Strengthener Class Pack, and Deluxe Foot Straps giving you all the tools for your best workout yet!
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