Savings You'll Love

Get Cubii JR2 for just $199 and add a free gift to your purchase

Savings You'll Love

Get Cubii JR2 for just $199 and add a free gift with your purchase

Regardless of age, ability, body type, or schedule, we empower people to find joy in their movement.

A Cubii fit for every body

Cubii Total Body+
Cubii Total Body+
NEW! Bluetooth-enabled Cubii Total Body+ is compact, lightweight, and portable with an added upper-body pulley system for full-body workouts.
Cubii Go
Cubii Go
Lightweight and designed for portability, this compact seated elliptical includes a retractable handle and built-in wheels to easily move from room to room.
Cubii JR2+
Cubii JR2+
Bluetooth and lightweight, the Cubii JR2+ under-desk elliptical seamlessly connects to the Cubii app and other fitness trackers to sync and access your progress across multiple devices.
Cubii Move
Cubii Move
The starter elliptical designed to help you take your first step on your wellness journey. Includes all the low-impact, strength, and cardio benefits of our compact seated ellipticals at our most accessible price point.

Cubii is designed to fit easily into your life


Keep active & in motion wherever you sit


Compact size fits conveniently anywhere in your home


Sync your progress with our fitness trackers like FitBit and Apple HealthKit


Connect with others in the community to celebrate your achievements

A way to wellness

A way to wellness

Fitness on your terms

Fitness on your terms



Burn an average of 150 calories per hour all while seated in the comfort of your home


Rehab / Recovery

When it comes to recovery, motion is the potion. Cubii's low impact design is easy on the joints, providing a safe path to wellness


Increase Strength and Mobility

Cubii strengthens 6 key muscle groups enabling increased activity without increasing joint pain


Motivated Mindset

Improves mood, sleep quality, and energy levels giving you the momentum and motivation to stride into health

Motivate your movement with Studio+ classes

Access 300+ expert-led classes for the motivation to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. On-demand access for fitness on your time, 100% free.

Sweat & Stride

Stretch & Stride

Strength & Stride

Mind & Stride

Join the movement


Cubii App

Set goals, track progress, and share achievements with the Cubii Communitii


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Behind Cubii is a mission driven by heart, a team that cares, and an entire Communitii of support.


Join a community that celebrates the way you move.