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Low-Impact, Safe Exercise: Our seated elliptical offers smooth and low-impact exercise, making it accessible and comfortable for users of all abilities. Say goodbye to joint and back stress while achieving your fitness goals.
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Product Features

Compact elliptical designed with you in mind

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The Ultimate in Portability

With a double telescoping handle and built-in wheels, the New Cubii Go conveniently takes workouts wherever you please. 

Customizable Levels of Resistance

10 adjustable levels of resistance open a world of personalized workouts designed to accommodate your unique fitness needs. 

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Smooth & Silent Functionality

The extra-large ZeroGravitii™ Flywheel ensures whisper-quiet, ultra-smooth peddling operation allowing you to simultaneously work, chat, or watch TV without disruption.

Safe, Approachable, Low-Impact Exercise

Accommodating users of all abilities, our compact, seated elliptical provides smooth, low-impact exercise without placing undue stress on the joints or back. 

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Achieve your goals, no matter where you are at.



23.5 x 17.5 x 10 inches

Package Weight

29.1 lbs

Product Weight

21.8 lbs


Track your workouts, view progress, share your results, and compete with the Cubii community in the Cubii app.

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