Cubii Build Dumbbell Set

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Adjustable soft weight dumbbells for safe, approachable strength training.

Compact, space-saving profile


Easily adjustable weight levels


Intuitive color-coded differentiation of varying weights


Silent & safe sand-filled soft weights

Product Information

A far cry from the standard cold, hard, clanging, metallic weights of the gym, Cubii Build Dumbbells are soft to the touch with silicone handles and soft-sided, sand-filled weights offering a safe, approachable strength training experience for people of all ages and abilities. Conveniently add or remove Cubii SoftRings™ to dial in your ideal weight levels. Cubii Build Dumbbells feel nothing like traditional weightlifting...and that’s exactly the point!

Product Features
  • Easily adjustable weight levels
  • Compact, space-saving profile
  • Intuitive, color-coded differentiation of varying weights
  • Silent & safe sand-filled soft weights
  • Dumbbells in this set can be adjusted from 1lb to 4lbs each
  • Set includes: 1lb Handles (2), .5lb end caps (4), Cubii SoftRing 1 lb weights (4)

Cross-Compatibility with the Full Cubii Build Collection

Cubii SoftRings™ removable weights are interchangeable with all Cubii Build strengthening equipment, unlocking a world of strength building exercises from a unified, space-saving collection.

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Adjustable Weight Dumbbell

Holds up to 4 Cubii SoftRings™ of varying weights on each side of each handle, eliminating the need for multiple dumbbell sets.

Soft, Silent, Safe

Utilizing soft-sided, sand-filled removable weights, The Cubii Build Dumbbell Set ft Cubii SoftRings™ ensure silence and safety when dropped or contacting the body.

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Ergonomic, Soft-Silicone Handle

Inviting and soft to the touch, Cubii Build Dumbbells feel nothing like the cold, hard, steel of traditional weightlifting equipment.

Achieve your goals, no matter where you are at.

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