Cubii Build Barbell

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Adjustable soft weights barbell for safe, approachable strength training.

Compact, space-saving profile


Easily adjustable weight levels


Intuitive color-coded differentiation of varying weights


Silent & safe sand-filled soft weights

Product Information

A staple for upper body strengthening, The Cubii Build Barbell completely redefines the experience of weight training. Inviting and soft to the touch, this soft silicone, W-shaped EZ Bar is designed for intuitive hand placement to ensure proper form to reduce stress on wrists and joints. Utilizing Cubii SoftRings™, these removeable, sand-filled soft weights provide a safe, approachable strength training experience for wellness seekers of all ages and abilities.

Product Features
  • Easily adjustable weight levels
  • Compact, space-saving profile
  • Intuitive, color-coded differentiation of varying weights
  • Silent & safe sand-filled soft weights
  • Barbell in this set can be adjusted from 3lb to 14lb
  • Set includes: 3lb Handle (1), .5lb end caps (2), Cubii SoftRing 2 lb weight (2), Cubii SoftRing 3 lb weight (2)

Cross-Compatibility with the Full Cubii Build Collection

Cubii SoftRings™ removable weights are interchangeable with all Cubii Build strengthening equipment, unlocking a world of strength building exercises from a unified, space-saving collection.

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Adjustable Weight Barbell

Holds up to 4 Cubii SoftRings™ of varying weights on each side of the handle.

Soft, Silent, Safe

Utilizing soft-sided, sand-filled, removable weights, The Cubii Build Barbell Set ft. Cubii SoftRings™ ensure silence and safety when dropped or contacting the body.

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Ergonomic, Soft-Silicone EZ Bar

Soft to the touch with a W-shaped EZ Bar to ensure ideal hand placement and proper form, this beginner-friendly design reduces stress on wrists and joints for an intuitive, comfortable experience.

Achieve your goals, no matter where you are at.

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