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Cubii Extras

Thoughtful solutions whether your Cubii is at home or the office.
Designed to fit wherever your Cubii is
Support your workouts with extra tools
Maintain your machine
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  1. Cubii Workout Mat
    Cubii Workout Mat
    $14.00 $29.00
    Prevent your Cubii ellipitical from sliding while you pedal and protect your beautiful floors with our Cubii-branded mat.
  2. Wheel Stoppers
    Use to prevent your office chair from rolling or your stationary chair from scratching the floor! Each purchase includes a set of 2.
  3. Cubii Pro Charger
    Did a furry friend get hold of your Cubii Pro charger? This two-piece replacement set includes a wall adapter and USB cable.
  4. Cubii JR1 Replacement LCD Monitor
    Need a new Cubii JR1 display? Purchase this replacement, simply unplug and pop out your old monitor, and plug in the new one.
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4 Items

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