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Cubii Essentials

The fitness essentials that will transform your workout routine.
Designed for the perfect workouts
Enhance your Cubii experience
Compatible with any Cubii model
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  1. Deluxe Foot Straps
    Experience a more controlled stride! Cubii Foot Straps are compatible with our Cubii JR2 and Cubii Go seated compact ellipticals to help you pedal more comfortably.
  2. Grippii Floor Mat
    Like peanut butter and jelly or milk and cookies, a Cubii elliptical is not complete without a Grippii Floor Mat! Made to protect your floors and prevent your elliptical from slipping.
  3. Comfii Grip Hand Weights Class Pack
    Perfect for your Cubii elliptical or cardio workout, this bundle includes one set of 2 lb. Soft sided hand weights and 15 Smart Cards to guide you through strengthening your upper body.
  4. Squishii Grip Strengthener Bundle
    Improve your hand strength and dexterity while you pedal! This bundle includes 3 Squishii Grip Strengtheners at increasing resistance levels and 12 Smart Cards to get started.
  5. Cushii Lumbar Cushion
    Sit more comfortably while you pedal, work, drive, rest, or read a book! This cushion promotes posture improvement to help reduce lower back stress and pain.
  6. Comfii Fit Workout Tee - Front
    Keep cool with ultimate comfort while you work out! This t-shirt is designed for all-day wear and is made with an athletic fabric to be worn during exercise.
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