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Cubii Pro

The original award-winning Bluetooth-connected compact seated elliptical that lets you get fit while you sit™. Use the Cubii Pro to add more strides to your day, burn calories, get stronger, and boost energy. Each purchase includes a set of wheel stoppers to prevent your office chair from rolling while you pedal and a Cubii Pro charger.
The Cubii Pro is the only seated elliptical that connects to the Cubii mobile app via Bluetooth, allowing you to sync your progress across our app, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and HealthKit. Join the thousands of striders who are a part of this inclusive worldwide fitness community and begin pedaling toward your health and fitness goals.
Created with you in mind, the Cubii Pro is ergonomically designed to fit seamlessly into your life. Its sleek, compact design sits perfectly in front of your favorite chair or couch, and fits under almost any desk or table. The Cubii Pro is portable, and its frame includes a built-in handle.
  • Bluetooth-connected compact elliptical that syncs with the Cubii mobile app to help you track your distance pedaled, calories burned, and more
  • Features a patented whisper-quiet design that lets you pedal smoothly without noise disruptions while you read, work, watch TV, or talk on the phone
  • Connects to Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, and Apple Watch to sync your workout efforts across all apps
  • Choose between 8 levels of resistance to find the right intensity level for you
  • Burn up to 150 calories an hour while you sit and join live, free workout classes lead by expert fitness trainers
  • Join the Cubii Communitii™ for motivation during your health and fitness journey, and to be the first to know what's new at Cubii
  • Included with your Pro: wheel stoppers, Cubii Pro charger, and non-slip workout mat
Cubii JR1
  Cubii JR1
Display LCD
Bluetooth No
Cubii App Yes
Syncs with Fitbit Yes
Syncs with Apple HealthKit Yes
Color Aqua & Purple
Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 23 in x 17.5 in x 10 in
Cubii JR2
Cubii JR2
18.9 lbs
22.244 x 11.8 x 11.6
Cubii Go
Cubii Go
Illuminated LCD
Gray / Orange
19.4 lbs
24.5 in x 17.5 in x 9 in
Cubii Pro
Cubii Pro
Chrome & Noir
27 lbs
23 in x 17.5 in x 10 in
Accessories to Get Started
Smart Start Training Series
A collection of 12 new, exciting, and effective total-body workouts to get started with your Cubii elliptical and personalize your strength, cardio, and flexibility routine.
Comfii Fit Workout Tee - Front
Keep cool with ultimate comfort while you work out! This t-shirt is designed for all-day wear and is made with an athletic fabric to be worn during exercise.
Squishii Grip Strengthener Bundle
Improve your hand strength and dexterity while you pedal! This bundle includes 3 Squishii Grip Strengtheners at increasing resistance levels and 12 Smart Cards to get started.
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How It Works

Place the Cubii in front of your chair or sofa.
Connect to the Cubii App and adjust the resistance level.
Start pedaling and enjoy your workout.

    Compete with the Cubii Community

    Join fitness groups, cheer each other on and rank worldwide.


    Set fitness goals

    Set your own goals in the app that you can track in real time.


    Always updated

    Seamless syncing from the Cubii App to FitBit and Apple HealthKit.


    Measure up

    Track your workouts real-time in strides, calories or miles.


    Cubii supports your health journey

    Making wellness approachable for all ages, abilities and lifestyles.


    Designed with you in mind

    Our innovative design is not only ergonomic, but fits beautifully in your life.


    Work out without leaving home

    Cubii allows you to work out at your place, at your pace.


    Feel good and look good

    It's not always all about numbers; we're here to help you get moving a little more.