Wearable Weights

Adjustable, comfortable, and conveniently worn on the ankles or wrists, Cubii Wearable Weights enhance any workout by adding weighted resistance to build strength in both the upper and lower body.
Product Information
Cubii Wearable Weights are an easy way to add weighted resistance to step up your daily wellness routine and build muscle. The straps can easily accommodate both ankles and wrists, and weights are silicone coated to ensure your comfort while working out. Wearable Weights come in a 2lb. set with the ability to remove weights for a tailored workout experience.
Product Features
  • The perfect addition to your elliptical workout, allowing you to add weighted resistance while pedaling or incorporate upper-body strengthening exercises
  • Includes two 2lb. weight straps to wear on your wrists for upper-body exercises or ankles for lower-body workouts
  • Each weight strap measures 15" long and fits comfortably around a wrist or ankle that measures 14" around
  • Includes 16 .25lb. segmented weights, 8 weights for each strap, coated in silicone to be soft to the touch and easy to clean
  • Simply add or remove the segmented weights from straps to customize level of difficulty

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