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Upper-Body Burner Bundle

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Comfii Grip Hand Weights and Smart Cards
Comfii Grip 2 lb. soft-sided hand weights are safer and more comfortable to grip compared to traditional hard weights. Pair these weights with your cardio workout while you walk at the park or use them during a Cubii Studio+ live or on-demand workout class. The easy-to-grip design in addition to the attached handle makes these weights the perfect addition to your fitness equipment. Each pair includes 15 Smart Cards that provide guided upper-body exercises to get you started.

Squishii Grip Strengtheners and Smart Cards
This bundle includes three Squishii Grip Strengtheners of increasing levels of resistance and 12 Smart Cards. Squishii Grip Strengtheners are curved to comfortably support your fingers in the perfect grip position while you exercise your hand. Our level 1 Squishii provides an average of 10 pounds resistance, level 2 provides an average of 15, and level 3 provides an average of 20. The lightest resistance level is ideal for high-repetition and agility exercises, and the higher resistance levels help build hand and forearm strength. The 12 Smart Cards are split between 5 warmups and 7 exercises.

Other Ways to Use Your New Accessories
Purchase this bundle to use for your own seated elliptical and cardio exercises or try a Cubii Studio+ live or on-demand workout class to elevate your exercise. Cubii Studio+ classes offer a wide variety of class types and lengths taught by expert trainers. Comfii Grip Hand Weights and Squishii Grip Strengtheners are both used in classes and can also be found in Cubii Wellness Journiis. Download the Cubii mobile app to access free Cubii Wellness Journiis and Cubii Studio+ live and on-demand classes.

  • This set includes a pair of 2 lb. Comfii Grip Hand Weights with 15 Smart Exercise Cards and 3 Squishii Grip Strengtheners of increasing resistance with 12 Smart Exercise Cards
  • Comfii Grip Hands Weights are soft 2 lb. weights that are both easy and comfortable to hold during your Cubii elliptical or cardio workout
  • Squishii Grip Strengtheners help to improve your hand strength and dexterity and each pack includes three of increasing resistance levels to use as you increase strength
  • Smart Cards offer unique exercises and include illustrations, written instructions, and QR codes that let you access video demonstrations and guidance for how to follow and modify each exercise
  • The Upper-Body Burner Bundle is the perfect set to help you focus on increasing muscle strength by utilizing functional fitness