Squishii Grip Strengtheners

Three ergonomically designed Squishii Grip Strengtheners of increasing resistance to help you improve hand and forearm strength and dexterity to use with or without your Cubii under-desk elliptical.
Product Information

Cubii Squishii Grip Strengtheners give you everything you need to conveniently improve dexterity, forearm, and hand strength. The three grip strengtheners each offer increasing levels of resistance, while the included QR code offers 12 easy-to-follow instructions to access video demonstrations of grip strengthening workouts and warmups. Use these hand strengtheners while you pedal or on their own. For additional guidance, download the Cubii mobile app and try a free Cubii Studio+ Squishii-only workout class.

Product Features
  • Three grip strengtheners of increasing levels of resistance
  • Helps improve dexterity, forearm, and hand strength
  • Includes a QR code to access grip warmups and workouts online
  • Workouts include video demonstrations, guidance, and modifications
  • Made to be used with or without a Cubii compact seated elliptical
  • Comes in a Cubii branded drawstring bag to help you store weights while they are not being used
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