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Rehab & Recovery Go Bundle

$334.00 $372.00

Rehab Your Muscles & Recover Your Mobility

Our Cubii Go, Cushii Lumbar Cushion, and Grippii Mat combination is the perfect trio to help you begin to gain back strength and independence! Cubii Go is our most portable Cubii compact seated elliptical. This model features a retractable handle and built-in wheels to easily move from room to room as well as from floor to storage in between uses. The extreme portability also helps you micro-position your floor elliptical in front of your favorite chair, beneath a desk, or at your couch. As you increase strength, take advantage of our eight increasing levels of resistance to increase tension. When you begin using your Cubii Go you will see the large LCD display screen illuminate to show your progress. Cubii floor ellipticals track your distance pedaled, calories burned, active time, and speed./p>

Next up in your trio to muscle recovery is our Cushii Lumbar Cushion! This lumbar support pillow fits against the back of your couch or any seat to encourage better posture and reduce stress on your lower back. Designed to optimize your Cubii experience or be used on its own, this cushion offers a strap for perfect placement on office chairs or armless chairs.

Finally, a Cubii elliptical isn’t complete without a premium Grippii Workout Mat! Thicker and better quality than previous mats, the Grippii Workout Mat prevents the Cubii Go from slipping while you pedal and protects your floors. Use this mat on hard or soft indoor surfaces.

Free & Premium Tools to Success in the Cubii Mobile App

Finally, unroll your new Grippii Workout Mat, position your new Cubii Go, and download the Cubii mobile app! Download the app on any smartphone or tablet to manually enter your workout data from your LCD monitor to the app then track your progress, access Cubii Studio+ workout classes, and join free monthly wellness programs. Cubii Studio+ is our online exercise class library that includes 300+ on-demand workout classes taught by expert trainers. Join for free and get unlimited access to all classes available online or in the Cubii mobile app. For bite-sized guidance on easy ways to incorporate your new elliptical into your life, try a free Cubii Wellness Journii in the Cubii mobile app. A new Wellness Journii is added every month and daily tasks include live classes, individual exercises, nutrition challenges, and ways to work on mindfulness!

  • Includes our Cubii Go, Cushii Lumbar Cushion, and Black Grippii Floor Mat to prevent your elliptical from sliding
  • Rehabs and strengthens your muscles by working your lower body and core at a lower-level resistance while you sit at your desk, on the couch, or in your favorite seat
  • Supports your lower back to ensure you are positioned in an upright posture that helps to reduce back pain, create healthy habits, and activate your core
  • Motivates you to build strength, take back your independence, improve mobility, and achieve daily move goals without drastically changing your routine
  • Displays your progress and workout data on the large, easy-to-read, and illuminated LCD screen and can be manually synced with the Cubii mobile app