The Cubii App

Get active and stay motivated all in the Cubii app.


Track your progress


Set fitness goals


Sync to FitBit and Apple HealthKit


Stride toward a healthier you

Seamlessly connect with Cubii to get a real-time update of your workout viaBluetooth—including strides, distance, calories burned, active time, and more. Exercise at your own pace. View your progress and track your trends with progress reports. Get push notifications to get moving.


Join the Cubii fitness community

Compete with friends and rank worldwide. Create groups, and enlist friends, family and coworkers to help you reach your goals by sharing stats, and competing on group-wide leaderboards. Let’s help one another, and have fun. Integrate with Apple HealthKit and Fitbit applications to stay synced with your workout data.

Blast off your fitness journey with Cubii.

Blast off your fitness journey with Cubii.