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New Strider Elliptical Set

$299.00 $366.00

Cubii JR1: Award-Winning Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii JR1 helps you burn calories, boost energy, and feel your best! This model includes all standard features as well as an award-winning design. Take advantage of this floor elliptical’s 8 increasing levels of resistance, LCD display monitor, and built-in handle. Whisper quiet and ergonomically designed, Cubii JR1 fits seamlessly into your daily routine without needing to make any changes. Place this pedal exerciser beneath desks of all sizes or in front of your favorite seat to pedal while you work, watch TV, talk on the phone, or read a book.

Accessories to Both Get You Started & Elevate Your Experience

Each set includes a Cushii Lumbar Cushion, Comfii Grip Hands Weights Class Pack, and Grippii Floor Mat. The Cushii Lumbar Cushion promotes posture improvement to help reduce lower back stress and pain while you pedal. The Comfii Grip Hands Weights Class Pack includes 15 Smart Cards and one set of 2 lb. weights to help you strengthen and tone your upper body during elliptical or cardio workouts. The Grippii Floor Mat completes your space by protecting your floors and preventing your elliptical from slipping.

Downloading the Cubii Mobile App

Like a needle and thread, a Cubii under desk mini elliptical isn’t complete without the Cubii mobile app! Download the app on any smart phone or tablet to manually enter your workout data, track your progress, access Cubii Studio+ workout classes, and join free monthly wellness programs. View your progress by workout, day, week, month, or year and set daily goals to help hold yourself accountable.

  • Save $67.00! The New Strider Elliptical Set includes a Cubii JR1, Cushii Lumbar Cushion, Comfii Grip Hand Weights Class Pack, and Grippii Floor Mat
  • Kickstart your health and wellness journey with four tools that will help you improve your physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Increase difficulty as you increase strength! From rehab to fitness, this set features increasing levels of resistance and hand weights to help challenge you as you gain strength
  • Download the Cubii mobile app and manually enter your workouts from the built-in LCD monitor to track your progress, join free Wellness Journiis, and access Cubii Studio+ workout classes
  • Make this set your very own! Customize this bundle by choosing either the Aqua or Black Grippii Floor Mat