JR1 Monitor Request Form

As a customer-focused brand, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product experience. Based on user feedback, Cubii has updated the calculation for measuring “Distance” using a formula that best reflects a seated elliptical workout. The new distance calculation will measure 1 mile as 5200 strides, and will be reflected in the Cubii App, as well on the Elliptical display screen beginning October 2020.

Customers who purchased a Cubii before October 2020 may be affected by this change. We recommend that customers take advantage of the all new Cubii Phone App, where you can manually input your stride, duration and resistance. Our app will automatically calculate the updated distance/mileage for you! 

We understand that this change may cause confusion for some users. If you would like a replacement screen with the updated distance calculation, please complete the form below. Cubii will send you a complimentary replacement screen.