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Limited-Edition New Year Cubii JR2

$289.00 $309.00

Cubii JR2: Our Upgraded Seated Elliptical with a Limited-Edition Silver Ring
Cubii JR2 offers the same unmatched performance as our first-generation, but is now much lighter and more compact to easily move from room to room and fit under desks of all sizes! This limited-edition model features a silver ring and matching silver metallic mat. Cubii JR2 floor ellipticals include an LCD monitor, ChairLock™, built-in handle, whisper-quiet design, foot straps, and 8 increasing levels of resistance.

The LCD monitor displays your workout data and can then be manually entered into the Cubii mobile app to track your progress. The included ChairLock™ can be attached and used with your elliptical to hold a rolling office chair in place while you pedal. The built-in handle helps you move the elliptical from room to room and position it precisely under a desk or in front of your favorite seat. The foot straps help you pedal with a more controlled stride and are perfect for those rehabbing muscles or an injury. The 8 increasing levels of resistance allow you to increase tension as you increase strength and is what makes Cubii ellipticals the perfect gift for users of all fitness levels.

Download the Cubii Mobile App, Track Your Progress, & Try Cubii Studio+
Purchase this limited-edition bundle and download the Cubii mobile app to complete your purchase! Download the app on any smart phone or tablet to manually enter your workout data, track your progress, access Cubii Studio+ workout classes, and join free monthly wellness programs. Cubii ellipticals track your workout by time active, distance traveled, calories burned, and strides pedaled. View your progress by workout, day, week, month, or year and set daily goals to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

  • Achieve your health and wellness resolutions! Cubii compact floor ellipticals help you improve your physical and emotional health by giving you the tools to build healthii habits™
  • Cubii JR2 includes a built-in LCD monitor that displays your minutes active, distance traveled, strides pedaled, and calories burned to track your workouts and progress
  • With 8 increasing levels of resistance, the Cubii JR2 is perfect for muscle rehab, wellness, and fitness at home or in the office
  • Cubii JR2 features a lighter, more compact design that makes this model easy to move from under a desk to in front of your favorite seat
  • Download the Cubii mobile app and manually enter your workouts from the built-in LCD monitor to track your progress, join free Wellness Journiis, and access Cubii Studio+ workout classes