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Find joy in your movement

Empowering people to move their bodies & reach their goals


Fitness on your terms



Accessible & Effective Workout

Our inclusive fitness experience offers safe, low impact workouts that provide real results for all people. No gym side eye here -- we're here to help you discover wellness on your terms.


Superior Quality & Design

Our fitness products deliver a high quality experience, made with a safe, stylish, and thoughtful design that stands out from the rest.


An Inclusive Destination For Every Body

We champion the wellness of all people with different needs, abilities, and body types. From our intenral team to our digital platforms, our inclusive community is here o cheer you on at every stage of your wellness journey, comparison free.


Integrated Technology & Guidance Personalized To You

Our connected equipment, app, and studio+ content seamlessly blend data tracking, goal, setting, wellness guidance, and live classes to personalize your workout to your needs while helping you unlock hysical and emotional well-being.

Wellness with Cubii


Keep active & in motion wherever you sit


Fits easily into your life with compact size


Burn an average of 150 calories per hour


Share your achievements

A Personalized workout experience for your goals

Unlimited access to live and on-demand workout classes
Made for wellness seekers for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities
A wide variety of class types, lengths, and trainers
Introduces you to expert trainers and exercises

Finding community in wellness


Cubii is designed with you in mind. Find your perfect fit.


Made For All Fitness Levels


Wherever you are fitness journey, Cubii is adaptable to fit any level or skill

Community To Cheer You On


Wherever you are fitness journey, Cubii is adaptable to fit any level or skill