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Grippii Floor Mat


Like peanut butter and jelly or milk and cookies, a Cubii elliptical is not complete without a Grippii Floor Mat! This new mat both looks great and works great by protecting your floor and preventing your Cubii elliptical from sliding. Unlike previous offerings, its dual non-slip texture keeps your elliptical in the perfect position no matter how quickly you pedal.

Available in Black or our signature Aqua, choose the option that fits best with your room décor and create a space that you love! This new floor mat is made for use indoors on carpeted and hard surfaces and should not be used outdoors. The Grippii Floor Mat measures 20" x 26.75" in size and is 4mm thick. Made of a premium thermoplastic rubber, this mat can be wiped clean without the fear of damage.

  • New, dual-purpose, and non-slip mat that protects your floor and prevents your Cubii elliptical from slipping while you pedal
  • The perfect addition to your Cubii elliptical home setup that is available in Black or our signature Aqua
  • Measures 20" x 26.75" in size and is 2x thicker than our previous generation Cubii Workout Mat
  • Made for use indoors on carpeted and hard surfaces
  • Not included with any Cubii elliptical purchase