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Getting Started Cubii Pro Bundle

$339.00 $407.00

Cubii Pro: Bluetooth Compact Under Desk Floor Elliptical
Like all Cubii under table ellipticals, Cubii Pro fits perfectly under desks of all sizes to help you build leg and core strength while burning calories. Cubii Pro features 8 increasing levels of resistance and is our only desk elliptical that features Bluetooth technology. This technology allows you to seamlessly connect your Cubii Pro to the Cubii mobile app, Fitbit app, and Apple HeathKit.

Getting Started Smart Cards
Getting Started Smart Cards are designed to help introduce you to your new Cubii under desk foot exercise machine. Each pack includes 16 total cards: 4 warmups, 7 upper body exercises, 1 hip exercise, 3 lower body exercises, and one Wiild Card. Each Smart Card features printed and digital instructions and illustrations to walk you through the movements and modifications for each exercise.

Downloading the Cubii Mobile App
Purchase this bundle and download the Cubii mobile app because a Cubii elliptical isn’t complete without it! Download the app on any smartphone or tablet to sync your workout data, track your progress, access Cubii Studio+ workout classes, and join free monthly wellness programs. Cubii ellipticals track your workout by time active, distance traveled, calories burned, and strides pedaled. View your progress by workout, day, week, month, or year and set daily goals to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

  • Each bundle includes a Noir Cubii Pro, Black Grippii Workout Mat, and our brand-new Getting Started Smart Cards
  • Cubii Pro is our only Bluetooth connected compact under desk compact seated elliptical that allows you to burn calories, build strength, and seamlessly track your progress from the comfort of home
  • With 8 increasing levels of resistance, Cubii floor ellipticals are perfect for muscle rehab, wellness, and fitness at home or in the office
  • Getting Started Smart Cards guide you from warming up your muscles to strengthening your hips, upper body, and lower body
  • The Grippii Floor Mat is our newly upgraded mat that helps to protect your floors and prevent your elliptical from slipping