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Refurbished Cubii Pro

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The Refurbished Cubii Pro is our only Bluetooth connected compact seated floor elliptical that syncs with the Cubii mobile app and includes all the features you need to get started on your wellness journey!
All refurbished products have been tested for functionality and defects and are approved for sale. The Cubii Pro compact seated elliptical is portable and includes a built-in handle to help you position it under your desk or in front of your favorite seat. Work, read, exercise, or watch TV disruption free while you pedal and take advantage of the 8 increasing levels of resistance for muscle or injury rehab and fitness.


Use the Cubii mobile app to track your calories burned, distance traveled, strides pedaled, and active time!
The Cubii mobile app lets you set daily goals to work towards, track your progress by workout, day, month, or year, join free Cubii Wellness Journiis, and access live and on-demand Cubii Studio+ exercise classes.


Try Cubii Studio+, our online exercise class library that includes 300+ on-demand exercise classes. All workouts are taught by expert trainers who teach various class types. Workout classes range from five to 30 minutes long so that you can find the perfect work out to fit seamlessly into your schedule. Meet the new you who loves to get fit while you sit™ and register for free today!

  • Refurbished Cubii Pro compact seated ellipticals have been tested for functionality and defects and are approved for sale
  • Cubii Pro under desk ellipticals are our only Bluetooth models that sync to the Cubii mobile app and automatically add your calories burned, minutes active, distance traveled, and strides pedaled
  • Made to help you boost energy, burn calories, move more, feel better, and build healthii habits™ that stick
  • Includes a built-in handle to easily move from room to room, 8 increasing levels of resistance, and a compact design that fits beneath desks of all sizes
  • Features a whisper-quiet design that lets you pedal disruption free while you work, read, watch a movie, knit, or talk on the phone
Cubii JR2
  Cubii JR2 under desk elliptical
Display LCD
Bluetooth No
Cubii App Yes
Syncs with Fitbit Yes
Syncs with Apple HealthKit Yes
Color Green
Weight 18.9 lbs
Dimensions 22.244 x 11.8 x 11.6
aqua cubii foot peddler elliptical
< 20 lbs
22 in x 11.5 in x 11.5 in
Cubii Go
Cubii Go
Illuminated LCD
Gray / Orange
< 20 lbs
24.5 in x 17.5 in x 9 in
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