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Cubii Dumbbell Class Pack


Strengthen and tone your upper body with our Dumbbell Class Pack Accessory Bundle. Each bundle includes one pair of 3 lb dumbbells, a Coolii Fit Towel, and a set of 15 Smart Cards.

Our 3 lb dumbbells are perfect for pairing with your cardio workout, 30-minute Cubii live exercise class, or at-home upper body workout. Their easy-grip coating is comfortable to hold, and their hexagonal shape prevents them from rolling away on any type of floor.

Lightweight and made with a sweat-activated cooling fiber, the Coolii Fit Towel lets you stay cool and dry throughout your workout. The towel is also ideal for using as a prop to tone or improve flexibility in the arms and shoulders.

This unique set of Smart Cards begins with 5 warmup exercises and guides you through 10 strength-building exercises targeting your arm, shoulder, chest, and core muscle groups. Each Smart Card features directions, illustrations, and a unique QR code with direct access to a video that walks you through the movements and modification options for each exercise.

  • Includes one pair of 3 lb dumbbells with easy-grip coating for secure hold
  • Comes with one CooliiTM Fit Towel made from specialized sweat-activated material to keep you cool while exercising
  • Includes 15 Smart Cards that lead you through a balanced upper body warmup and workout
  • All Smart Cards include a unique QR code to access special video demos, extra guidance and modifications, and advice on how to safely challenge yourself with new exercise variations as you get stronger
  • Perfect for use during our live 30-minute Cubii workout classes hosted by expert fitness trainers