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Basics JR1 Bundle

$270.00 $317.00

Start Your Journey to Wellness

This bundle is the perfect way to start your journey to wellness from the comfort of home! With so many ways to live a healthy lifestyle, we often can feel stuck trying to find the best way to exercise. We offer products that allow you to nurture your body and mind without drastically changing your current routine, allowing you to care for yourself while continuing to enjoy the things in your life that matter the most.

Cubii JR1 is our standard compact seated elliptical that includes the basics to get started. Easy to assemble, just attach the pedals and you are ready to begin striding! Cubii JR1 includes 8 increasing levels of resistance and an LCD display monitor. Your progress and workout data are available in real-time directly from your display. Cubii ellipticals track your calories burned, active time, distance traveled, and speed.

Included with the Basic Bundle is our Smart Start digital download to help you set achievable goals and guide you through 12 workouts taught by Dr. Kristen Fish, physical therapist and NASM certified personal trainer. This exercise collection includes 4 series of videos that each include 3 bite-sized workouts that range from 15 to 20 minutes in length.

The Cubii Mobile App: Free & Premium Tools to Help You Succeed

Finally, unroll your new Grippii Workout Mat, position your new Cubii JR1, and download the Cubii mobile app! Download the app on any smartphone or tablet to manually enter your workout data from your LCD monitor to the app then track your progress, access Cubii Studio+ workout classes, and join free monthly wellness programs. Cubii Studio+ is our new virtual workout class platform that includes live and on-demand classes taught by expert trainers in our Cubii mobile app. New classes of varying lengths are offered daily and the library of ready-to-take, on-demand classes has grown into hundreds! For bite-sized guidance on easy ways to incorporate your new elliptical into your life, try a free Cubii Wellness Journii in the Cubii mobile app. A new Wellness Journii is added every month and daily tasks include live classes, individual exercises, nutrition challenges, and ways to work on mindfulness!

  • Includes our Cubii JR1, Digital Smart Start download, and an aqua Grippii Workout Mat to prevent your elliptical from sliding while you pedal
  • Helps you build strength, burn calories, improve mobility, boost energy, and achieve daily move goals without drastically changing your current routine
  • Exercises your heart, lower body, and core while you sit at your desk, in your favorite chair, or on the couch and features eight increasing levels of resistance
  • Sets you up for success by helping you set S.M.A.R.T exercise goals before starting your wellness journey and includes 12 guided workouts
  • Displays your progress and workout data on the LCD screen and can be manually synced with the Cubii mobile app