One Step Forward

Dear Cubii Community,

Thank you for being an amazing member of the Cubii family. We are making constant strides to make your Cubii experience more exciting. Effective May 1st, 2019, with Cubii app version 3.2, we’ve updated our measurements to make your data more accurate. Below, we outline these changes.

  1. Steps are back on the Dashboard! We’ve listened to your feedback. Moving forward, 2 Cubii Strides will equal 1 Step. This means that it takes 2 Cubii Strides to cover 1 Step that you’d normally take when walking at a regular pace. If you’ve synced your Cubii account with Fitbit or HealthKit, you’ll see these Steps data recorded on your Fitbit and HealthKit accounts. Fitbit and HealthKit will use their own proprietary formula to calculate the distance you travel and calories you burn based on these Steps data.
  2. Distance per Stride is now 12.25 inches, which is equivalent to the distance your foot moves horizontally while you walk at a regular pace. Prior to this update, we’ve been looking at the Cubii motion as if you were cycling on a bicycle. However, we changed this to make the distance as consistent with your regular walking and running exercises. 

You may see a difference in your progress chart and group leaderboard for distance. All past distance data will be updated to reflect the new measurement.