Yes It’s Possible to Exercise at the Airport And Here’s How

As much as we love taking a vacation, the actual travelling to and from your destination is exhausting. The layovers and time between getting through security and before take off are wasted hours. Instead of just sitting at the gate, exercise! Yes you heard me correctly… it is possible to exercise while traveling. And it’s easy.

1) Terminal Walk About

Instead of sitting at the gate scrolling through Facebook or watching Netflix, go for a walk around the terminal. Grab a pack of gum or read part of a magazine at Hudson News. Really anything that keeps you moving. Go on an adventure and explore!

2) Light Stretching

Maybe you don’t have time to move around. That’s ok. Here are a few light stretches which can help rejuvenate and loosen your muscles.


Glutes: Raise your knee to your opposite shoulder, wrap your arm around your knee, and try to bring the leg as close to your shoulder as you can.

Hips: Place your ankle on your opposite knee and gently press down on your leg for a deeper stretch.

To try more stretches, visit the Anytime Fitness blog here


Sometimes there isn’t room to sit or maybe you are stuck in the security line. Make good use of your time and try a few of these standing exercises:

Calf raises: Stand with feet parallel, 2–3 inches apart, balancing weight equally on both feet. Come up onto balls of feet, and slowly lower heels to floor, keeping weight centered. Repeat 8–10 times.

Knee Lifts: Keeping hips level, raise one knee until thigh is parallel to floor. Maintain neutral spine, and balance in this position 15–30 seconds. Place foot back on floor and repeat balance on other side.

To try more stretches, visit Idea Fit here 

3) Get Your Zen On

If walking isn’t your thing, practice your deep breathing or child’s pose at the yoga room. Some of the largest and most frequently traveled airports such as Chicago O’Hare (Terminal 3) Dallas-Fort Worth (Gate D40), and San Francisco International (near Gate 69 in Terminal 3) now offer meditation and yoga rooms for travelers to reflex and unwind. If your airport does not have a dedicated room, travel with a mat and find a quiet corner.

4) Power Walk on Moving Walkways

You know those moving walkways in the middle of the terminal? Ya turns out those are extremely useful for getting your airport fitness on. Travelators (the official name) are often unoccupied and are perfect for power walking. Walking against the flow of the belt can actually provide some of the same benefits as running. Tip: stay near the end so if people do use the travelator you can quickly hop on and off.

Remember travelling should be fun! So the next time you are stuck in the airport with nothing to do, try these exercises and feel more less sluggish and tight.