Win Your Office Fitness Challenge With Cubii

Does your office have a fitness challenge? If no, suggest one to your boss or human resources because you already have a leg up on your competition.. CUBII. And they are fun. If yes, be like Cubii family member Sharon and use it as a secret weapon!

Curious about the ‘Rover Xing’ sign in her office? Sharon is a member on the Curiosity Rover team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Because of Sharon we joke in the office that somehow Cubii is going to Mars.

The fitness challenge she participated in was called NASA Moves! Although she was no longer able to keep her Cubii a secret. Sharon informed me that due to her terrific experience and success during the fitness challenge, two more individuals on her challenge team bought Cubiis. The NASA Moves! fitness challenge ended 2 weeks ago and Sharon shared that her team ended up 4th at her center (out of 28), and #24 overall at NASA (out of 335). Boo ya! *fist bump*

Outside the office, Sharon enjoys reading, playing board games and traveling. Some of her favorite recent vacations include walking the 100-mile Cotswold Way through the English countryside (last June), visiting frigid Arctic Finland to adventure in the snow and -30 degree weather, and see the northern lights (January ’16), and voyaging to Indonesia to watch orangutans, explore ancient stone temples, and view the total solar eclipse (March ’16). That is quite an impressive passport.

If you are like Sharon and like to compete, create a ‘Group’ within the Cubii app so you can have your own mini fitness challenge with family, friends and co-workers. Competing in a group is a great way to stay motivated and is more fun than fitnessing alone.