What I Learned From Planking For A Month

In early October, I challenged you to plank once a day for a whole monthbecause making small changes to your fitness regimen can lead to bigger long term fitness goals. Four weeks later, I am ready to share my plank fitness challenge experience:

Planking In Public Is Awkward

I admire the people who look good while working out. I am not one of those people. In fact, planking in the office, where people can see you, is awkward times 100. It’s not the usual gym awkward but a different type of awkwardness. The office is for phone calls, email, excel, and meetings.. Planking in the middle of this environment drew attention to myself and it was weird. But after awhile, I learned to embrace the attention and was like “ya look at me, I’m getting a workout in during work. Be jealous.”

Got More Coworkers Involved

Originally, it was just me (and a few thousand Cubii friends of course) in the office doing this challenge. But within a few days of planking, several co-workers joined in on the fun. Secret time: we actually enjoyed it. We put on music with a good beat to make the time go by faster and had a good laugh. I am happy to report that we do still try to plank everyday.

Hardest Part Was Sticking With A Schedule

At the beginning of the challenge, I assumed the hardest part was going to be the actual planking; I don’t have a very strong core. Boy was I was wrong. Turns out the biggest obstacle was sticking with a schedule and remembering to set aside time to plank. One minute does not seem like a lot of time, but when your schedule is packed with meetings and deadlines, planking isn’t a real priority. Luckily because we were doing this challenge as a group, we kept each other accountable. If self-motivation is not a strength, I encourage you to do these mini fitness challenges with others.

A Minute Is A Long Time

60 seconds. Doesn’t seem like a long time. Wrong. When you have a weak core, 60 seconds seems like a lifetime. And staring at your phone stopwatch does not help, it makes it worse. But luckily I planked in a group so we could talk throughout the minute and distract ourselves with laughter and silliness.

Mixed It Up With Different Types of Planks

What began as a challenge to just plank for a minute led to me making additional small fitness changes, like trying a different plank form. For the longest time, I always planked with my forearms on the floor. However, I started feeling stronger and challenged myself to try the other way: high plank on my hands. At first it was really difficult because I wasn’t used to it. But then the more I planked this way, the easier it got. To add another challenge, I mixed it up with the different types of planks during the final week. See, proof that one small challenge can lead to another.


I Felt More Energized and Stronger

Though I did not get a 6 pack (saddest news of all), I felt my core slowly getting stronger. It took about 2 weeks to finally stop shaking, but by the end, I could hold the plank without cringing. In fact, I challenged myself (for the third time) to increase the time for 1 min 15 seconds. Also, after each plank session, I had more energy and found it helped with writer’s block.

Overall, I would give this challenge an A+ and recommend that you try it for yourself, whether at home or in the workplace.