Tips To Kick Your Sweet Tooth To the Curb So You Don’t Feel Guilty Later

*this piece was written while Cubii-ing and eating a cookie*

Have you ever noticed that after a workout, you hard core crave sweets? You are not alone. Researchers theorize that your desire for sweets after exercising is your body wanting to replenish calories and nutrients lost while working out. See you can blame biology, not your inability for self-control around cookies, cupcakes, donuts etc. (ugh now I want more cookies).

Tips To Say No To Your Sweet Tooth:

1) Always pack snacks for before and after a workout. A simple granola bar, banana or bag of pretzels is 100x better than a chocolate chip cookie… although not as tasty haha
2) Stay hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes when you think you are hungry, you are actually just hydrated.
3) The night before (perhaps during your electronic free time), prepare a meal before working out so when you get home, you have a healthy meal and aren’t tempted by quick meals like frozen meals, fast food or take out.

But really, despite all the tips and tricks out there, sometimes you just can’t say no to your sweet tooth. And if you can, I applaud you. So the next time you reach for a treat, think about what it would require to burn it off and then you won’t want to eat it. Lies. That trick doesn’t work.

Because you are human and sometimes can’t resist dessert, simply replace the bad dessert with something a little more healthy.

Replace Ice Cream with Sorbet

Replace a Klondike Bar for an All Fruit Popsicle

I loved making homemade popsicles as a kid. It’s really easy. Purchase your favorite fruit (works best with pears, peaches or berries), puree and add a touch of apple juice or lime juice. Bam!

Eat Frozen Grapes

I recently discovered this treat and I am obsessed. The biggest health boost? Resveratrol, which studies suggest may help lower levels of LDL cholesterol and promote blood vessel health.

Combine Fruit and Chocolate

Hey everyone knows that dark chocolate is healthy for you so why not combine it with an even healthier food: fruit. My top recommendation is always chocolate covered strawberries

I will never suggest cutting sweets completely from your dieting because that is nuts.. dark chocolate is healthy. But you can make small adjustments so you can continue to enjoy your favorite treats. And hey, if you Cubii for 2 hours, you burn off your ice cream so winning!