The Ugly Truth: Cost of a Gym Membership

Cubii gets compared to a gym workout all the time on social media. Our most popular comment: just go to the gym! There’s a few problems with that statement: the cost of a gym membership that will most likely go unused and time. So this got us thinking: which is a better investment - Cubii or a gym membership? For this calculation, we will take into account the top 2 components of going to the gym: membership fees and time.

Let’s Do The Gym Math

It’s widely accepted that gyms take more weight off our wallets than our waist line. For this experiment, I am referring to the average, not the gym rats. Here’s the math:

Gym membership

The average monthly cost of a gym membership is $58 per month. But when you add the initiation fee and other random expenses, it can be as much as $800 per year. Next consider that the average gym attendance is lower than 4.8 times per month. When you do the math, it costs you approximately $12 per gym visit. The final blow to the equation: over ⅔ of all gym memberships go unused. You’re basically throwing money into the fire.


I estimate the total time to be about 90 mins, give or take - 30 mins round trip from gym to home and 1 hour workout. Now consider what you could be doing instead of going to the gym. For many of you reading this, the cost of time will be between spending those precise hours at the gym vs with the family. Like Mastercard always says, that’s priceless.

Let’s Do The Cubii Math


Plain and simple math: the cost of a Cubii is $249 - $399. I will not deny that is a hefty upfront cost. The benefit of a gym membership is you have a monthly fee. Psychologically it’s easier to pay something in monthly installments than a giant upfront cost. P.S: You can purchase Cubii via our payment partner Affirm which offers monthly payment installments starting at $21/month. But recall that the average yearly cost of a membership is $800. So that upfront $249-$399 STILL beats a yearly membership.


There is no need to separate exercise and work/family time. Cubii is super convenient and fits into your existing schedule. In fact if you think about it, when you Cubii at work you are earning money while working out. Can’t say that about the gym!

Conclusion: In the end, Cubii is a better long term investment