Say It Ain’t So! 5 Cubii Ambassadors Burned 43,000+ Calories In One Week

Jumping jacks, push ups and crunches at your desk might not be suitable for the workplace. Can you even do those exercises in a pencil skirt or suit? Resistance bands and dumbbells at your desk are great for a mini circuit but you can only scroll through emails or articles between moves. With Cubii you can do everything! We will admit, Cubii-ing is not the most cardio intensive and sweat dripping workout, but something is better than nothing. And while you’re earning the mula, you can burn the calories.

There are a ton of articles out there about the positive effects of working out at your desk- more energy, better posture, more focused etc. But at Cubii we wanted to take the concept of working out at your desk a bit further. To celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympics, we challenged our Cubii family members to a competition to see who can burn the most calories from August 8-12. The results: ASTONISHING. Our top 3 finishers burned 9500, 11,200 and 12,300 calories each… just by sitting.


Photo credit: Dana L.

Hear from a few of our top 5 finishers on how they burned over 43,000 calories in just 5 days:

Holly F.

“Last week I spent almost every waking moment working my Cubii, which really helped me make it part of my normal daily activity (i.e. it now feels normal to cycle while typing, taking calls, and on the phone). I have an additional Cubii at home that I used that in the evenings while catching up on Netflix shows.

I could always make excuses to not go to the gym. With Cubii, that eliminates the need to go elsewhere before or after work because it’s right there with you.

When I first got my Cubii I figured I’d do about 250 calories a day. Once I got started and found how effortless it felt I increased my goal to 500 calories. For the Cubii Olympics I really ramped things up, going up to 3000 calories in one day which I didn’t even think was possible! For those doubting that the Cubii does much, they only need to give it a try to find out they couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve seen my resting heart rate go down and have increased muscle mass in my legs (including lost inches to my waist).”

Bret F.

“I worked overtime this week a day and I lugged my baby (his Cubii) home with me two days, I hurt so good I’m not getting back on it till Wednesday. How I did it: I had people getting me snacks, and drinks, my husband works with me so I had him prepare our dinners and lunches and I didn’t get up from my desk except for a bio break.”

You can read more about Bret’s (we call him Superman Bret) story here.

Diane F.

“As far as how I did it… Whenever I sit my feet go on it and I pedal without thinking. It only took a day to get the hang of the rhythm and to be able to keep my upper body still so that it does not affect typing or writing. It is very easy to burn calories once it is second nature.”

“How has it affected me? I walk everyday at lunch on most days. The Cubii adds something different to my day, especially when I do not have time or the the inclination to do anything once I get home from work. Like I said, using it has become second nature. The impact it made is multi-fold. My mind feels better because just being able to not be stagnant makes me feel better about sitting at my desk all day. (I wish I had one at home but I might sit too much!!) My legs began to take look different after 2-3 weeks, that I could notice. I notice my abdomen to be a little tighter. All just from moving while at my desk and using the nervous energy that I have always tended to have when sitting. Now if I take my feet off the Cubii I start to bounce my legs. So naturally I put them back on the pedals and keep going. I started at 4 on the tension and moved up to 6 fairly quickly. The speed doesn’t matter so much to me as just that I keep moving.”