Protect The Wrists That Bring Home The Bacon

In case you have not heard, everyone is talking about how sitting is the new smoking. Think I am over exaggerating? Check out these stats:

  • For every hour spent sitting, your body gains back 111.4 calories
  • Lack of physical activity is the reason for 20% of the deaths of people 35 years or older

With your Cubii, you are no longer sitting still but what about your upper body, specifically your wrists. You’re at a computer and use a mouse 8+ hours a day putting serious strain on your wrists.

To prevent doing serious harm to your wrists, try these 4 simple exercises:

1) Hold your arms out straight in front of you with your wrists limp. While keeping your arms still, raise your wrists so that your fingers point toward the ceiling, then lower your wrists so your fingers point downward. Repeat ten times.

2) Open both of your hands and stretch all of your fingers out, then close them and make a fist. Continue this for 20 repetitions.

3) Lay your forearm on a flat surface and rotate your wrist in a full clockwise motion for five repetitions. Then reverse the motion to perform five full counterclockwise motions.

4) Lay your wrist and palm on a flat surface. Use your wrist to rotate your hand so that your palm faces upward. Perform this for ten repetitions.

Helpful Tips:

1) Take rest periods→ take a five-minute break for every 20 or 30 minutes of continuous keyboard or mouse usage

2) Good posture→ Maintaining good posture while spending time on the computer will reduce the amount of strain put on your body…. or does it?

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Products to Help:

– Adjustable Laptop Stand

Why we like it: Helps your posture by allowing you to sit up, computer is at eye level to prevent neck and back strain and if slanted, puts your wrists in a natural position

– Ergonomic Mousepad with Wrist Support

Why we like it: reduces wrist stress and promotes proper hand and wrist movement to prevent future motion disorders

Wrist exercises taken from Premier Orthopaedics