Our Picks For The Best Father’s Day Gifts

There are a number of reasons why we love our dads:

  • When we were babies, they made sure we had clean diapers
  • They taught us how to change a tire, or in my case, where the AAA contact information is
  • They didn’t let mom throw us out the window during our awful teenage years
  • Let’s face it.. Dads are just awesome! So this Father’s Day, give this awesome person an awesome gift.

    Here are our 3 favorite gift ideas for Father’s Day:

    1) Keyboard Waffle Iron


    Caution: this gift may encourage playing with your food. The running joke in my family is that if we can’t find my dad, look for him in the basement because 9 times out of 10 he is on the computer. Enter this funny but useful kitchen appliance: a keyword waffle iron. Gone are the days of boring round waffles.

    Price: $85; Learn more here

    2) S’well


    If there was a beauty pageant for water bottles, S’well bottle would take home the crown. S’well bottles are composed of non-leaching and non-toxic stainless steel which will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Additionally, S’well is a charitable community member and partners with various charitable organizations around the world. So not only does the bottle look great, it also does good.

    Price: range $25 to $67.50; Learn more here

    3) Golf BBQ Set


    Dads are constantly bragging about two things: golf handicap and BBQ. So combine these two classic ‘so dad’ things into one. At the next neighborhood block party, you’re dad will actually offer to help cook because he’ll want to show off his nifty grilling tools.

    Price: $28; Learn more here

    4) Salami Notes

    Ok I know this gift idea has nothing to do with health but I couldn’t resist not including it on this list because it’s just hilarious! Laughter is good for your health so it works. This clever stack of paper is shaped and colored just like your favorite fatty, salty sandwich meat. Your wife may have banned it from the fridge but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to write things down on. Just remember it’s paper and paper doesn’t taste good.

    Price: $23; Learn more here

    5) Cubii

    “I bought a Cubii for myself to use at my office back in December as a Kickstarter supporter. My dad visited me one afternoon for lunch and he tried my Cubii and immediately said he wanted one. My dad is in his late 70s and is pretty active. He takes his routine morning walks and participates in fun runs and walks. So during the day he has his cardio but at night he will Cubii while watching the evening news or while reading. My mom sometimes steals it when she is knitting.”

    Price: $347; Learn more here