How One Cubii User Pedals To Help His Sore Muscles

At the age 51, Ben is a technology infrastructure consultant/architect and therefore spends a lot of time sitting. While at work, Ben cranks up the resistance and increases his RPM to get his sweat on. Outside the office, he is a soccer trainer, athlete, super dieter and former martial arts instructor. Ben has been active his whole life and as a result, has suffered numerous injuries. In 1997 and 2006, he ruptured his achilles tendon in both his right and left leg. Let me tell you folks, that is not a fun recovery. Due to surgery, both his ankles and calves are slightly smaller. So now he is taking even more advantage of the Cubii design… other than also using Cubii to compliment his existing exercise routines.


After workouts, Cubii’s natural striding motion forward and backward is perfect for his sore muscles and he can hardly feel any strains. Ben reports he feels his entire ankle and achilles tendon stretch and get the workout and strengthening that is necessary for final achilles mending. Between balancing work and a heavy extra curricular calendar, Cubii naturally fits into Ben’s daily life.


Oh I can’t forget this cool fact: Ben will be writing a book on the best health diet/lifestyle system, he has designed for himself from decades of experience.