Keep Your Brain In Tip Top Shape With These 4 Rituals

One of the most important organs in your body is the brain. It essentially controls your entire body. Because your brain has so many responsibilities, it is crucial to your overall health to have a strong brain. Here are a few simple tips to keeping your brain healthy:

Take On A New Challenge

In high school, I’d walk out of French class everyday with a headache. This was because I was exercising a part of my brain that I used less frequently. One way to maintain an active brain is to do things that continuously keep it stimulated. Challenging yourself to learn something new such as a new language or skill, like knitting, “creates new pathways and connections to break apart neutral patterns in the brain [1].”

Stay Physically Active Throughout The Day

The best medicine to maintain good brain health throughout your life: physical activity. Here’s what it comes down to: exercise increases blood flow which improves cerebrovascular health [3]. Basically exercise improves the structure, function and connectivity of your brain.

What’s more interesting is the amount of moderate or vigorous exercise you get per day at the gym is irrelevant. In a study from the Beckman Institute, researchers found that “avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can have dramatic effects on your brain health by maintaining the integrity of your white matter throughout a lifespan [3].” Why is white matter important? White matter integrity is linked to faster neural conduction between brain regions and top cognitive performance.


If you think you don’t have enough time to exercise, you’re wrong. Scientists find that by incorporating just 20 minutes of exercise is enough to change your brain’s information processing and memory functions [5]. An easy place to exercise is at your desk. Cubii-ing while answering emails or taking a conference call will help you avoid that sedentary lifestyle and get those 20 minutes. By setting your daily Cubii goal to as little as 20 minutes per day, you are improving your brain’s health. But really bottom line is to just keep moving.

Celebrate Your Wins

When was the last time someone congratulated you? It felt pretty good didn’t it? That’s because success promotes positive thoughts and emotions. So don’t wait until the big wins to congratulate yourself! For instance, congratulate yourself for making it to work on time, drinking more water, meeting a project deadline or reaching your daily Cubii goal. By acknowledging and celebrating even your smallest achievements, you increase your energy levels and decrease feelings of anxiety and depression [5].

Good Posture Never Hurt

Power pose. I don’t need to tell you how bad it is for your back to slouch. But did you know poor posture can have negative effects on your brain health? According to 2013 preliminary research by Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy [4] not only is maintaining proper posture shown to increase energy levels and improve our mood, it’s also shown to increase our confidence.

The easiest way to avoid a collapsed position at your desk: bring smaller devices like computers and notebooks closer to your face while using instead of forcing yourself to look downward.

Bottom line, your brain is kind of important and it deserves to be taken care of. By following a few of these easy routines, you are a path to a stronger and healthier brain.

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