Just Keep Moving and Stay 9 to 5 Fit

You get to the office feeling fantastic because you just got in a terrific workout. Too bad the moment you get to your desk all that hard work goes bye bye because you sit for 8 hours. Continue your fitness routine with these 5 tips for staying fit from 9 to 5:

1) Stay Hydrated

Numerous studies have shown that drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day can promote weight loss as cold water is known to help burn calories. It is also highly possible that you are confusing thirst with hunger. So before you go for that snack, drink a glass of water. To stay motivated to drink more water, treat yourself to a fun bottle, add lemon (good for digestion) or cucumber, or purchase a smart bottle that track your water intake. Bonus, drinking all this water means you will need to use the bathroom and thus you will be forced to get up and walk!

Hack: draw a line on your glass to remind yourself that if water reaches below this point, to get up and refill. Seems silly but hey every small trick helps.

2) Eat Breakfast

Not eating breakfast is a terrible habit. According to a study in the Journal of Obesity, skipping breakfast increases your craving for fatty foods at lunch. If you’re always in a rush, not a big fan of breakfast or like to sleep in, keep a box of granola bars (my favorite are the Kind breakfast bars) at your desk so you can eat when you get into the office.


3) Workout At Your Desk

Look we all know that sitting all day is slowing killing us. Bad news, even if you work out religiously, sitting for prolonged periods of time daily can still take a toll on your health. Ugh we just can’t seem to win! This is why you should find ways to work out at your desk. Find a 5 min youtube video for tutorials on desk stretches, Cubii for 10 mins every hour, or do jumping jacks.. Really anything that will get your body moving.

Cubii Hack: Set a goal to Cubii for 10 mins every hour. At first, it may not seem like a lot, but it quickly adds up and before you know it, you pedalled for an hour and burned an additional 150 calories!

4) Set Fitness Goals

Setting REALISTIC fitness goals keep you motivated and you’re less likely to slack off. At the beginning of the week, build your schedule and pen (not pencil) in your workout time. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes.. 10 mins is better than nothing. Another tip, instead of making dinner plans after work, suggest a workout date. Planning with friend means you are less likely to cancel.

Cubii Hack: set goals and reminders within your app so you can track your progress


5) Reorganize Your Space

I hope you aren’t too attached to your neatly organized desk because I’m about to tell you to mess it up. While having your notepad, phone and writing utensils within reach at your desk might seem efficient, your organization is actually preventing you from moving at all. So reorganize your space such that you have to get up or at least stretch to reach something. Also, switch out your comfy chair for an upright one without armrests. This not only helps you sit up straight, but it can also help to burn more calories by engaging your core.

Take Dory’s advice and.. JUST KEEP MOVING!