How To Stay In Constant Motion This Winter

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but winter is here. During this time of year, it can be hard to find motivation to exercise; it’s either too cold to be outside or by the time you get home, it’s pitch black and feels like midnight and you’re ready for bed instead of a workout. Exercising can also help fight those winter blues.

The million dollar question: how do you exercise without taking up too much time? Answer: Cubii. As the only smart compact elliptical on the market, Cubii lets you workout while sitting at your desk, watching tv or knitting, making it the best gadget to keep you in constant motion this winter.

“Hi, just got my Cubii, set up was quick, so far I am impressed. I have been a sportsmedicine Chiropractor for 35 years. Just turned 60 and had a undiagnosed bout of Gout last year, that left me unable to walk or cycle. Finally blood test showed elevated Uric Acid level and started trx and can finally cycle again. Living in the northern climes, winter is a bitch for exercise and I see your Cubii as a great alternative, for people of all ages, particularly people with some for of disability.” ~ Glen R.

To compliment your Cubii experience, here are a few tech gadgets we recommend to elevate your seated exercise routine:

Our Top Pick For The Best Gadget To Pair With Your Cubii: Lumo Life

Sitting hunched over on the couch or desk all day can wreak havoc on your posture. But it’s not easy to correct it. That’s where Lumo Life comes to the rescue. Lumo Life is a tiny wearable device that clips to your clothing and tracks your daily activity to improve posture. The clip gently vibrates when you start slouching making this device your personal posture coach. More importantly, it comes with an app that helps track your posture overtime.

Why you should care: great posture while Cubii-ing engages your core and you can work towards those ab goals.

Balance Ball Chair

Elevate that Cubii experience by pedaling on a Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. It’s definitely not an easy task but sitting on the balance ball forces you to have good posture and again that core. The balance ball chair provides ‘all day ergonomic support for a stronger, healthier back.” By sitting on a balance ball instead of a regular chair, you improve your posture and spinal alignment resulting in a great core-strengthening workout.

Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

It’s no surprise a common side effect of years spent at a desk and computer is arthritis. One way to prevent wrist injuries is by doing various stretches (link to blog post). But that’s boring. Try the Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciserinstead. This cool gadget tones your arms while also helping to fix repetitive stress injuries like tennis elbow or wrist tendinitis.

How It Works: Using a pull-string or a dock to get the interior ball spinning, you then keep it going with your arm and wrist. Reviewers say that a few minutes a day using this ball feels like the equivalent to hours of full motion work with a dumbbell or a curl.

With these products, winter is no longer an excuse for not getting your daily exercise.