How Cubii is Helping These Ladies Reach Their 2016 Fitness Goals

Your health and fitness goals are personal. You can read the latest and greatest articles from experts but how do you know if a product works until you’ve spoken with someone who actually uses it regularly. If you’re not quite sure how Cubii could possibly benefit your health, read on. Meet Michelle and Barbara who share their experience about how Cubii has impacted their health in a video interview.


Fitness Aspiration: 10 miles a day of constant motion

A huge part of Michelle’s healthy lifestyle is being active and staying in constant motion. But it is difficult for her to be in motion at work. Cubii helps her do just that: stay in motion throughout the day. Since incorporating Cubii into her daily work routine, she reports a decrease in anxiety, increase in positivity and feels more firm/tight. At home, she Cubiis so she does not feel guilty for watching tv.

Hear how Cubii is helping Michelle stay active even when trapped at her desk:


Fitness Aspiration: not decline in health and find an easy way to be active at work and during winter

Early this year, Barbara was looking to add more ways to keep moving throughout her day especially at work and during the winter. While she has an elliptical machine at home, she wanted to find something that is an elliptical experience which is easy and convenient especially at work, where she is trapped behind her desk. I think we can all relate to this feeling. Barbara loves her Cubii because her knees do not bang against her desk and it helps to keep her moving, which is good not just because it’s exercise but also because she has circulation issues.

Hear how Cubii has impacted Barbara’s life and how she plans to use Cubii to achieve her health and wellness goals: