Fitness vs. Time – The Eternal Battle

Those of us who want to lead an active lifestyle often find ourselves stuck when it comes to committing. This happens for a variety of reasons — work, family, social commitments — the list goes on and on. This is the norm. This is what happens to the best of us, even when we reassure ourselves that tomorrow is a fresh start.

The dominant mentality in this situation is apathy. Not only does being discouraged about our physical progress a damper on incentive, we start to believe that our physical well-being can only be assured through turning into a gym rat and committing all our time to the lofty goal of personal fitness. People begin to think that the only way to look like the people in ads is to live like the people in ads — that is, spending excessive amounts of time scrutinizing our own bodies.

This is not only a distorted view of fitness, but a mindset that does more harm than help. Our eating habits and fitness plans do not define us, but make our lives better. We need to demand more from fitness by realizing that empowerment comes when you welcome it into every aspect of your life — in small, manageable ways.

This may sound counterintuitive. How can I commit to incorporating fitness into all aspects of my life when I can’t even commit to it at all? It makes sense to be wary of spending more time on something that hasn’t worked out before, and repeatedly so.

But oftentimes, the reason why we fail to make our fitness plan a consistent factor in our life was poor planning. We weren’t able to keep up that intense first couple of gym runs going for the whole week, let alone a month. We over-exercise in the beginning of our self-improvement honeymoon period and it, inevitably, fizzles out and feels like another chore.

So start small. Pick something you can introduce into your life that doesn’t disturb its balance. Something that will not dictate your life but gives you more power, and something that doesn’t distract you from your true priorities. Let fitness work for you, not against you.

Even something as small as being able to work out while at work will add up over time. Being able to pedal while you work out the latest project is something that creates the momentum that will bring you to your ideal version of yourself.

Every small commitment becomes a big one when you see how it assists you in achieving your fitness goals. It is then that health and wellness become a lifestyle,  not just another item to check off in our daily routine.