Featured Story: Cubii Helps Me Feel More Awake While Doing My Homework

“It’s an excellent idea and product! Obviously, you all spent much time and thought in making it, with the grip on the pedals, the large spectrum of resistance, and the low profile of the machine.” ~ Athilesh, Cubii Customer since December 2016

Since receiving Cubii as a gift last holiday season, Athilesh has seen a direct impact on his health. Within the first few weeks of use, he was most impressed with the quality of Cubii. Because of the grip on the pedals and low profile, Athilesh found Cubii to be a safe and discrete exercise option for all ages.

The biggest shock for Athilesh – how Cubii improved his medical condition [for privacy, medical condition is not disclosed]. Because of his condition, the constant and easy leg movements are most useful. Athilesh enjoys Cubii-ing while doing homework because it helps him to not feel as fatigued. I think we can all relate that homework puts us to sleep. As a result of improvements in blood flow, Athilesh feels sharper and more awake.

Athilesh continues to use Cubii throughout the day and is slowly working his way to peddling more each day :)