Customer Review: Yippee She Can Finally Exercise Pain Free

“I LOVE my Cubii. It isn’t cheap, but for someone who can’t run/walk, doesn’t have time to, it is worth every penny.” ~ Cyndi

Nothing is worse than having a bad foot. Just ask Cyndi, a Cubii customer since August 2016. She’s had continuous pain for years causing her to limp. This makes exercising uncomfortable and walking is out of the question. The discomfort has become too much as Cyndi will be having surgery in the next couple months to correct her footCyndi has a busy desk computer job.

Prior to Cubii, Cyndi would stay active by doing chair leg exercises at her desk – if she remembered haha. After a long day at the office, she was sometimes too tired to do anything else. We can call relate to this. “But Cubii, sigh, it’s like a glove, just slide,” Cyndi says. She says it is wonderful to be able to exercise without pain. Cyndi started with a goal to Cubii 30 minutes a day. Her current goal is 4 miles a day!

 In addition to a pain free exercise, Cyndi shares  that Cubii-ing has made her thighs slimmer and  has more pep from feeling physically and  emotionally better. Once she gets pedaling, it  becomes mindless for periods of time and she  doesn’t slow down. Soon she will have to  increase her goal to 5 miles 🙂

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