Customer Feature: I'm Down A Pant Size Thanks To Cubii

Barb loves to travel the world and her goal is to be in the best health possible to continue doing what she loves. However, working as a graphic designer made it difficult to get any sort of exercise after 8 to 9 hours of work. Prior to Cubii, Barb hit a weight loss plateau with just diet alone. Since adding Cubii to her health routine, Barb finds  it motivates her to reach her daily step goal and has changed the way she eats.

As a result of Cubii-ing plus adhering to a strict Paleo/grain-free diet, Barb has lost a total of 9lbs and dropped a pant size! Barb aims to use her Cubii 3 to 5 days a week and strives to reach 10-11,000 strides per day. Over time, she has gradually increased her Cubii resistance and is currently at level 3. Not only has Barb lost a few pounds, but she also shares that she is beginning to see more definition in muscle tone, feels better and believes that she is even sleeping better.

When not working or Cubii-ing, Barb loves to travel the world with her boyfriend. One of her most recent adventures was a Caribbean Cruise where they visited a Mayan High Temple in Lamanai. Later this month, they are heading to Italy for 8 days. Hey Barb, can you take the Cubii team with you!?