Cubii Review: An ADHD Student Dramatically Improves His Reading Score

“Thank you so much for the cubii! It has been life changing for my son! I had parent-teacher conference today and the feedback was amazing… His reading comprehension has improved greatly ( up to levels in only 2 weeks!).” ~ Candice, Luke’s Mom

Earlier this year, we partnered with Lolly Jane, a crafting, DIY and home decor blog, to introduce their readers to Cubii. Candice, owner of HEart by Cc, saw the Cubii – Lolly Jane Instagram photo and shared her personal story about her son, Luke, who has ADHD and sensory issues.



Because movement in a non disruptive manner is important for Luke, she immediately contacted Luke’s resource teacher to submit funding for him to use Cubii in the classroom. That night, we learned of Luke’s story and were extremely touched. As a team, we wanted to help. Instead of Candice waiting for the school, we donated a Cubii for Luke to use at home and in classroom.

Less than a month later, Candice shares Cubii has been life changing for Luke. Cubii has helped Luke stay more focused and improved his ability to stay on task. Because Luke is able to peddle his energy out in a non disruptive way, his behavior in the classroom has also improved. Luke is an avid reader and says reading while using his Cubii helps the words come out. We are extremely happy to share that during a recent parent-teacher conference, Luke’s teacher said his reading comprehension is up 2 levels in only 2 weeks. Way to go Luke!

We continue to stay in touch with Candice and Luke and can report that he continues to improve 🙂