Cubii Customer Story: Her Posture Is The Best It’s Been In 2 Years

“I love my Cubii! I’m not sure what I would do without it.” Madelyn M.

As a physician, Madelyn knows that sitting is the new smoking and strongly believes leading a sedentary lifestyle can be as detrimental to your health as a cigarette. When she switched jobs to an administrative role, Madelyn found herself spending more time on the computer and therefore sitting. She was used to being on her feet visiting patients and walking between clinics and meetings, that when her administrative role kept her at a desk, she experienced a lot of anxiety from sitting for so long. So what did Madelyn do on her first day at a new job? Bought a Cubii and she hasn’t looked back!

Since adding Cubii to her office space, Madelyn can’t imagine work without it. Not only has Cubii helped her reach her daily step steps goal, but it has also strengthened her back. Previously when Madelyn would sit for long periods of time charting, her posture was terrible and her back would hurt. Now with Cubii, she reports her back is feeling the best it has in the last 2 years! Now with 3 additional Cubii users in the office, Madelyn is excited to start an intra office challenge.

Update: Madelyn’s office now has a group in the app and they are competing

Outside of work, Madelyn enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 kids. They love to be outside and ride bikes, swim and garden. When not with her family, Madelyn goes to the gym, does yoga and enjoys playing music and traveling when she cans.