Cubii Customer Review: Goodbye Freezing Office, Hello Just Keep Moving

“I will always use the Cubii and thank the inventors for making it!” ~ Anita V, Cubii customer

As an avid gym goer and former marathon runner, Anita tries to stay in top shape. However, because her job involves a lot at sitting at either her desk or in meetings, she struggled to find time to move around and keep her body burning calories. Recognizing her problem, Anita purchased a different, less expensive under the desk elliptical. After several weeks of use, it got so loud and squeaky that it disturbed her coworkers so Anita researched other under the desk ellipticals and found Cubii. Since then, she has had great results.

Anita peddles 1-4 hours a day and burns 200-500 extra   calories a day making her one our most active Cubii      users! She shares that since Cubii, she has noticed    improvements in her mood, cellulite reduction on the  back of her thighs (as a lot of women just naturally get)  and overall has lost some body fat. Most shocking is that  Anita reports losing about 7 pounds, despite her goal  was to just keep moving throughout the day, not lose  weight. One of her favorite Cubii perks: it keeps her warm and toasty! Normally she gets cold very easily in her office building. So instead of freezing or turning on a space heater, she gets the blood flowing and warms up with Cubii.

When not a work, Anita enjoys spending time with her two boys, going to sporting events, working out, relaxing, shopping, traveling and date nights with my hubby.