Why Adding More NEAT® To Your Day Is Key To Sitting All Day

You no longer have to take our word for it: Cubii works. We contacted Mayo Clinic to do a small study for us and here are the results: “the Cubii by Fitness Cubed, an under the desk elliptical, passes NEAT® Certification criteria for active sitting, by increasing energy expenditure over sitting by more than 10%.”

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, also known as NEAT® and developed by the Mayo Clinic, “focuses on the daily calories a person burns while doing normal, non-exercise activity.” A few examples are walking to meetings, standing at your desk or pacing while on a call.

Over the last 10 years, Dr. James Levine has conducted medical studies on topics related to weight management and obesity prevention and concludes that a key contributing factor to obesity is from a lack of movement in our everyday lives. These studies found that increasing the NEAT can result in sustainable weight loss and improvements in our overall health.


    Following these activities, energy expenditure and heart rate were measured for 20 minutes. When compared to stationary sitting, Cubii increases your energy expenditure by 84.5% while standing only increases your energy expenditure by 16.7%. Because of this increase in energy expenditure, Cubii by Fitness Cubed, passes NEAT® Certification criteria for active sitting.

    NEAT™-certified is a trademark of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research and used under license