Cubii App Version 2 Is Now Live!

There’s a reason why we sometimes dread working out- because it is not fun. At Cubii, we strongly believe that fitness should be fun, interactive and rewarding. This year, we’ve listened to your feedback and took note of your features wishlist. We are thrilled to say you can now download your 2016 Holiday Gift: A NEW APP!

To celebrate our new app, we are hosting another competition: Cubii To The North Pole. Burn the most calories in the global group to win a Limo Lift, a smart device that tracks your posture. P.S. I am obsessed.

Date: December 12-16

A Re-energized Dashboard To Help You Stay Motivated


Select from 2 views: biker or classic. I personally recommend the biker because when you Cubii, the biker moves. Stop Cubii-ing and the biker stops moving! You’ll also see a new stat that can be tracked: RPM (Rotations Per Minute). Now you know how fast you are pedaling for a more accurate workout.

Design Enhancements To Progress Section

The new progress graphs are more visually appealing to help you track your exercise more accurately.

New Features

Enhanced Groups


Try one of our guided workout challenges (3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced) or create your own workout by setting custom goals. It’s easy to get distracted and fall off the wagon during a challenge. So set custom reminders suited to your schedule to keep you on track to completing your fitness goals.

Create A Challenge

Fitness is more fun when you have someone to compete with. In addition to our global group, you can now compete with others in your country and city. How do you rank?