Burn More Calories With These Simple Desk Exercises

Crazy stat of the day: According to a recent CareerBuilder report, 44% of US workers say that they’ve gained weight at their current job. That isn’t too surprising when you consider about 86% of Americans sit all day at work- the typical American is sedentary 21 out of 24 hours in the average workday. The most common reasons for the weight gain- desk work, too tired to exercise and stress. I am totally guilty of stress related weight gain because I stress eat. Please don’t pick up this habit; it tastes good but jeans get a little tight.

Instead of eating that bag of chips from your work kitchen, take your stress out on your Cubii and burn calories. The average customer burns 150 calories per hour and uses Cubii for 2 hours a day. Recall that the average Cubii user burns 150 calories per hour and uses Cubii for 2 hours a day. Let’s do the math together:

– That’s 300 calories/day, 1500 cal/week, 6000 cal/ month

– In 5 months, you will burn more than 42,999 cal or 12 lbs*

“Previous to my purchase of the Cubii, my feet were cold from a lack of circulation due to sitting at my work desk for extended periods of time. Now my feet are warm and my body metabolism has increased. After 2 months of using the Cubii, I have lost 12 lbs. I can’t imagine working without a Cubii” ~ James, Facebook Review

Ok we have the basic ingredients to losing weight: Cubii workout, healthy eating and other cardio workouts. Now add strength training to tone those muscles. No need to go to the gym. Watch this video to learn how to do simple exercises at your desk. The only necessary equipment: a chair and smile

Our motto at Cubii is that exercising can easily integrate into your daily life and it shouldn’t feel like a choir. Keep Cubiiing, eat healthy and you are one step closer to your weight loss goal.

“I sit at my desk and write and edit all day long. Along with watching what I eat with the help of My Fitness Pal, and walking my new puppy, I’ve lost over 10 pounds in a little over a month. Love it!” ~ Cheryl, Facebook Review

**Calories to Pound conversion based on the calculation provided by the Mayo Clinic at http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/weight-loss/in-depth/calories/art-20048065