Bret Has Burned 1000 Calories A Day Since March

If you think you are an active Cubii user, then you haven’t met Bret, or as we like to call him, Superman Bret. Bret works 4-10 hour work days as an analyst, and with the exception of a vacation week he took at the end of April, he doesn’t get to leave his desk much during the day. When Bret began using Cubii in March, he had been in physical therapy for three months and weighed 208.4 lbs. Due to two arthroscopic surgeries on his left knee and four on his right knee, Bret was struggling to find exercise that was low impact to help strengthen his legs and was also looking for something to help him lose weight to put off a pending knee replacement.


Bret started his Cubii workout journey with a goal of burning 500 calories a day and pedaling for 6.5 miles at a resistance of 5 during his 4 day work week. After a month and half, he was able to boost his goal to burn 1000 calories and pedal 10+ miles a day at resistance 7. Not only has Bret nearly doubled his daily Cubii goal, but he is also down to 200.7 lbs. It’s hard to believe he could increase his Cubii training but he does plan on eventually doing it.


So what is Bret’s secret? Convince yourself that you can just keep moving. He shares that the hardest part about using Cubii is training yourself to not stop moving and realizing that you can do everything at your desk and still stride (typing an order, keep moving, talking on the phone, don’t stop, keep moving! etc.). Can we also take a moment to admire Bret’s desk setup?! Those are desk goals right there.


Outside of work, Bret and his husband Patrick love spending time with their two Boston Terriers, Penny and Ellie, taking them on little adventure walks and traveling and exploring new cities on their vacations.


Update: since this article was written, Superman Bret is now down to 197 lbs and burns 1800+ calories a day (at resistance 8).