Beat The Heat: 3 Tips To Successfully Working Out At Home

When it’s hotter than the equator, sweating more from working out can be the last thing on your mind. But the heat is no longer an excuse.

Workout Apps

When it comes to fitness, your smartphone can actually help you. Popular apps like Aaptiv and DailyBurn make working out at home, or the gym, easier by providing online classes and personal training. One benefit of these apps is new workouts are constantly added so you will never get bored. Also, instructors are doing the workout with you, motivating you from start to finish.

Active Sitting: Exercise While Sitting On The Couch

It’s easy to plop down on the couch after a long day at work or from entertaining the kiddos who are on summer break. Just because you are sitting doesn’t mean you can’t also be active. One solution is to invest hundreds even thousands of dollars into bulky home fitness equipment that will eventually just hang laundry and take up space in the garage.


What if I said you can still relax on the couch but also be active? It’s a new buzzword everyone’s talking about called active sitting. Active sitting occurs when sitting allows or encourages you to move. Sad news is your home fitness equipment does not let you sit in your favorite chair. But shrink that elliptical trainer into something more compact and portable and you get Cubii. With Cubii, you get all the benefits of an elliptical but can still sit comfortably on the couch. Win win.

The Internet Is Your Fitness BFF

Literally type ANYTHING you want to work on (core, cardio, arms, toning) into Google and thousands of workout tips are at your fingertips. This is a great place to start if you’re looking for a few exercises to jump start your fitness goals or to add to our existing routine. Downside is it can be difficult to follow along from just a list and photos. How do you know if you have proper form? My recommendation is to find some fitness gurus on YouTube who can demonstrate the exercise. This way you don’t risk injury and can follow along, keeping you motivated. Instead of watching tv after dinner, make working out a family activity.

One of the most difficult parts of exercising indoors is staying motivated to actually do and finish a workout. The fridge and couch are very powerful persuaders. But with a little help from technology, you can spend less time on your bum and more time active sitting.