A Deskercise SmackDown: Cubii vs. Standing Desk. Who Wins?

It’s the time old question we at Cubii constantly get asked: how is Cubii different than a standing desk? The obvious answer is one is for standing and the other is for sitting. But that isn’t good enough. Based on recent studies, we know the best way to counteract negative effects of your sedentary lifestyle is to alternate between standing and sitting. So I challenged myself to alternate between my standing desk and Cubii for 4 weeks. Here’s what happened:

I Didn’t Feel Like I Was Moving While Standing

I prefer my bum. It’s much more comfortable than standing on my feet (squishy vs. boney I guess). Scientists say we burn 50 calories while standingbut with Cubii, I was averaging 120 calories per hour (resistance 4, moderate pace, switched between pedaling forwards and backwards). We know the best way to counteract the negative effects of our sedentary lifestyle is to keep moving, but technically I was not moving while standing; I only moved while Cubii-ing. And while yes I was burning calories while standing, I was not aware of the activity because I felt still. My feeling of inactivity could be explained by a recent Mayo Clinic study which found that a standing desk only increases your energy expenditure by 16.7% while Cubii increases your energy expenditure by 84.5%. Go Cubii!

“Desk upgrade complete. Fully nerded out with @mycubii and @Varidesk” @1800AskDoug

 Yikes My Posture Is Atrocious

During the first week of my challenge, I had to get used to all the standing. The first 2 days I experienced lower back pain and spent a lot of time perfecting my setup. I cannot tell you how many times my mom tells me to sit up straight. Now I get it. I knew I couldn’t go through the next 3 weeks with back pain so I decided to do something about it- I invested in a posture coach, LUMO LIFT. The constant vibrations annoyed me enough that it actually helped correct my slouching and maintain good ergonomic posture while standing AND cubii-ing.

I Am More Productive When Cubii-ing

My role involves a lot of creative work and I found I was more productive while Cubii-ing than standing. Direct from the writer’s mouth, the constant rotation of Cubii helped flush out ideas and writer’s block. I found that while standing, I’d start fidgeting or get antsy and rock back and forth. While sitting, I could take all that angst out on my Cubii.

Overall winner: Cubii